Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ultra sound pictures, NTT, and Misc

I have had a lot to blog about the last couple of days. I'm sure you guys are getting bored with the weekly ultra sound pictures, but I just love being able to pull them up at work and looking at them. It makes me happy. Here are the two from yesterday.

As you can probably tell, these aren't the best ultra sound pictures I've ever gotten. That's fine, though. I got some more today that are with a better machine. He was measuring 12 weeks and 4 days yesterday which put him a day ahead of what he is. It looks like he finally caught up with his gestational age. They didn't measure the heart rate or if they did, they didn't tell me what it was and I didn't ask. My OB said that he could see it beating, but I couldn't hardly see anything so I just had to take his word for it.

I went in for my nuchal translucency test today. If you don't know what that is there is information about it here. It's basically designed to check for risks of Down's Syndrome by measuring the nuchal folds of a babies neck. The ultra sound machine was the same one that WandBoy uses. It has to be high resolution in order to get accurate measurements. When I got to the office, I was the only one in the waiting room. They called me back within five minutes and started the scan. I finally got to have an abdominal scan. YAY! Logan was dancing in my uterus. You could see so much more than what you could even last week. I got a bunch of pictures of him and will post those sometime this week. He was moving his little arm and it looked like he was waving at me. I could see his little fingers and everything. So exciting. Unfortunately, Logan has decided that he doesn't want to be photographed any more. He wouldn't stay in the right position to measure his nuchal folds so I have to go back on Friday. I can't blame the little guy. This was the seventh ultra sound in less than nine weeks. At least I get more pictures on Friday.

I picked out a crib bedding set that I love. You can see it here. Russ' parents have a crib that they are going to give us. His neice used it when she was a baby. It's mint green so we are going to paint it white. We also want to buy a changing table/dresser for Logan. We'll need some kind of storage and we don't have a lot of room so I thought this was the most practical for our situation.

Russ took me to Kohl's tonight after a wonderful dinner at Olive Garden (thanks Debbie and Tony for the gift card!). I wanted to get the new Kohl's Cares for Kids books and stuffed animals. I have a collection of them and I just couldn't wait to get the new ones. This quarter is Curious George. How cute are they???

I sent Obi-Wan Kenobi a cookie boquet to thank him for everything he did for us. I know that we paid him, but I still wanted to do something for him. Here is a picture of it. The cookie in the middle is going to say Thank You instead of Be Happy.

That's it for now. Two long posts in one day is quite enough wouldn't you say?

Stay cool Blogger Buddies!


I Believe in Miracles said...

It's kind of amazing that you had 7 u/s. My friend is pregnant and the tech called their daughter a "she" but wasn't entirely sure. And I found out they are only getting one u/s the ENTIRE pregnancy. ONE. And then I found out from the girl at work (who has 2 kids) that is typical practice.
We do get slightly spoiled in the IF world, don't we...

Hollie said...

I love the bedding! And the pics are cute. It's great to get u/s when you are early pregnancy to know everything is ok. It's so reassuring. Then after the baby starts moving, you get reassurance there. I love the books. I saw them the other day and should have bought them.

Anonymous said...

I think he has your eyes ;)

Jackie. said...

Your cookie bouquet reminded me of a cookie bouquet that I gave my sister for her baby shower. It was supposed to say "Yeah, Kathy and Hank (the baby)!" It was the table center-piece. But when it came in, I opened it at her house, and it read "Yeah, Kathy and Frank!" It made history!!!