Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dream Drama

I had the worst dream last night. I woke up with my body completely numb and my mouth was open like I was screaming. I can't remember a whole lot about the first part of the dream, but the last part is very clear in my mind. Bruce Willis was in my dream (like the part he played on Die Hard). We were fighting what I can only assume were bad guys. That part is a little fuzzzy. He was all bloody and we were running for a long time. We stopped in an alley with high rise apartment buildings all around. Red brick going as far up as the eye could see in the dead of night. There was a ladder on one of the walls with blood all over it. Bruce was by the ladder and he started looking at it and there were notes attached to it. Every other rung had a note with a few words on it. In all it said "Sara, (I have no idea who Sara is) I'm like the walking Night of the Living Dead." We both started screaming and I woke up. I have no clue what that even means, but it sounds scary.

Also, last week I had the same dream twice that I was bleeding and when I woke up I ran to the bathroom to see if it was true. I didn't dream that dream Friday night, but I did wake up with bleeding on Saturday. Weird. I hope the Bruce Willis dream doesn't come true.


Jackie. said...

I have read that pregnancy can come hand-in-hand with vivid dreams.

Good news, I also googled the escaping by a ladder and climbing up it, and this is what I found:

To dream that you escape by means of a ladder, signifies that you will be successful after much struggle and obstacles.

To dream that you are climbing up a ladder, suggests that you have reached a new level of achievement and higher awareness. It is indicative of prosperity, hard work and efforts. You may also be looking things from a different perspective. Alternatively, it may indicate meditation and prayer. You are setting forth on a spiritual path.

Not bad!!! Hope that this eases your mind a bit.

Darya said...

It won't come true sweetie. You've been through a lot and you are scared, with reason. That fear is coming through in your dreams. That's all it is and everything with your little one is just fine.

Jackie. said...

I agree with Darya. I think that dreams are not premonitions, they are just your body speaking its mind. You have sustained a lot of stress during the past year, and you had a stressful dream as a result. Don't worry. It's not going to come true.