Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kiev, Ukraine Journal - 4-3-1998 and 4-4-1998

*Disclaimer: Please remember that I wrote these when I was 15! I could be a snarky brat! I also am typing these journals exactly as I wrote them, bad spelling and all, except I have abbreviated names to protect the innocent or not-so-innocent.


We met Shawna today and ate at McDonalds and then went to the bizaar. Chelle and I didn't stay at the bizaar though. We went home and I started on my homework finally. I got one lesson done in science and one in history. So I only have 2 in science and three in history to go. I thought I made a good dent in the homework situation. We are studying World War 2 in history. That is on of my favorite subjects so I was happy that it was interesting. R and D came over to play games later that night. It was really fun. We played grouch and Phase 10.


We had a Ladies Day for Left Bank/Darnitza at our flat today. Helen brought three girls and 1 other girl was there. We all had class together. There were Helen and Shawna that taught. Then there were girls named Julia, Tonya, Dasha, and Kate. R was also there. We learned some really cute songs and taught some others to the Ukranian girls. They were all about 12-13 years old. After the Ladies Day we all went to the C's for games and snacks...the Ns at least. It was a great night. We played Family Fued: Kids against adults. Then we all sang a bunch of songs together. It's great singing in only one language and not hearing the Russian.

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