Tuesday, March 2, 2010


While I'm waiting for pictures to upload to my blog, I play Spider Solitaire. I am totally addicted to it.
I have been doing pretty good at working on projects. I went through the pictures on my jump drive and deleted bad ones or ones I didn't want and that was a few years worth! I also finished one big project and started on another. Hopefully I will get another one done this week...or next week...or the week after that.
We didn't have Tuesday Ladies today. Sadness. I always enjoy going and having a good time.
I've been starting to work out again. I really like my WiiFit because I can start my step arobics program and then change the TV setting so I can watch HGTV while I work out. I have been doing that for thirty minutes since Sunday. I'm going to keep that up!
Chloe Jo and I have also been going to the park. We've gone every day since Friday.
There is a paved walking track that is a 1/2 mile. I was able to go 1 mile on Friday, 1 mile on Saturday, 1 1/2 miles on Sunday and 1 mile yesterday. The distance I get to go is dependant on how happy Chloe Jo is.
The WiiFit recommends I lose enough weight so that my BMI is 22. I set my goal so that I would be, but last summer when I was working out so much after Chloe Jo was born, I wasn't able to lose that much. I wonder if my body doesn't want me to be that weight. I wasn't ever able to get under 152.
Since Sunday was such a gorgeous day, I let Chloe Jo swing for a while after we took our walk. She had such a great time. She just bounced up and down and was super excited!
She was even happy when we left and got in the car to go home.
The bow holder I made a while back doesn't have enough room now for all of the bows and flowers that Chloe Jo has. I wasn't very happy with the way it had turned out anyway so I went ahead and made a new one yesterday. It took a while, but it is so much cuter than the last one!
I'm really excited with the way it came out. I am in the process of opening a shop on Etsy and I am going to sell the old one. If it sells well, then I might make a few more to list. We'll see. I have some bows that I am going to list soon.
The name of my shop is Lisa's Little Lovelies if you want to check it out in a few weeks. I don't have anything listed right now, but I'll be sure to post when I do! If you are interested in making your own bow holder, the instructions are in the post below.


Misty Dawn said...

I'd love to buy a few things from you, so be sure you get it up girl. My neice needs some of those cute head peices!

Hollie said...

I'm so excited for your bow shop! I think it's great that you are stepping out. Oh, if only I had a little girl...