Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Try-Out

Russ, Chloe Jo and I went to another state this weekend so Russ could try out at a congregation for the preacher position. We have been keeping our eyes open for a position for a while now, but didn't start seriously looking until Chloe Jo was born (for insurance purposes). So far he has tried out at two different places. One place just couldn't pay enough for me to stay home with the baby which is one of our requirements. The other place isn't really interested in hiring someone right now. They are totally dragging their feet about the whole situation. We would gladly go there if they would make a decision. Anyway, this weekend went really well and it is definitely a contender if they are interested in us. It seemed like they were. They have a few more men lined up to try out so it will still be at least a couple of weeks before we hear anything. We have another try out this weekend and we both really would like for this place to work out. We are definitely not counting out the place we went Sunday, though! Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!
This is what Chloe Jo does in the car which is nice for least she did most of the way there and back. Is it just me or does this picture look more like me than Russ? I saw it on my computer after I uploaded it and just said "whoa" because I thought it looked so much like me.
Check out these gorgeous, long eyelashes. They could be on an adult and look right at home!
On the way to our destination, we stopped to see Aunt Chelle and Uncle Chris. She was wearing an adorable onesie that said "My Auntie hearts me" but she yakked on it so I had to change her before picture time. She did yak on Aunt Chelle twice in the hour we were visiting them, the little stinker!
Chloe was a big hit with the ladies...and the men at the congregation we visited. She looked so beautiful in the dress G-Jo bought her.

I'll update about our job search when new information comes in. We just keep praying and hoping something works out for us!

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Mercedes said...

We will pray for you! Good luck. Chloe is perfectly beautiful

Hollie said...

I hope you find something that will work out for your family. It's nice down here in SE TX! Chloe would have a friend! The dress in the pic is precious.

melissa said...

Definitely have my fingers crossed for you guys! I'm hoping for the one in least you will be closer! I know you guys will go wherever God needs you to go though.