Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Baby Wearing

My Baby K'Tan came in today! I love it so far!!! And the best part is....drumroll please....I got it on sale. They are normally $57.00 not including shipping and I bought mine for $34.00 including shipping. I'm hoping she likes it better than the other sling. The other one has only one position and it's laying down. She wants to be sitting up and seeing the world. This one has 8 positions and it's a double shoulder sling so it's better for my back. So far she is loving sitting in it. Just think how much more stuff I am going to be able to get done!
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Mercedes said...

That is so awesome! I wish I would have had one of those with Hunter! She looks like she loves it!

Chelley N said...

Her little chubby cheeks are so cute! She looks happier in this one.

courtney said...

That looks really cool. She's so big!