Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Taste the Rainbow

I love Skittles. Whenever Russ and I are on a long car ride or going to the movies, Skittles is my candy of choice. So last week, I was having a particularly rough Thursday and I started craving Skittles. I went up to the fourth floor break room (where they have always had Skittles) and the machines didn't have any! So, I went to the first floor break room (that usually doesn't have Skittles) and they didn't have any! By this time, I WANTED MY SKITTLES! So, I called Russ. He was in school, but I left him two voice messages and an e-mail saying how important it was for me to have Skittles. I told him that I would die if I didn't have any and that I knew he didn't want me to die. HA! I never really believed that he would actually bring me a bag of Skittles, but 20 minutes later, he called back. He was walking out to his car to bring me a big bag of Skittles. When I say big bag, I mean big bag. This wasn't one of those check-out line bags or even a "tear and share" bag. This was one of the ones that came equipped with it's own ziploc closure. Skittles had never tasted so good.


Angie said...

Taste the rainbow.

Chelley N said...

Don't you love how mom always has skittles hiding in little places all around her house!?!

Mercedes said...

Yellow and green are my favorites. Mmmmm. Now you have me wanting skittles!