Monday, September 29, 2014

Spirit Week

A few weeks ago Chloe Jo had Spirit Week at school.

We love to participate in all of the activities at school and this week was no different. This was a 4 day week so that is why there are only 4 pictures and not 5.

Lazy or Athletic Day

Neon Day

Camo Day

Extreme Spirit Day

I love all of these extra activities to help the kids have fun in school!

Chloe Jo is doing much better at morning drop-off. We have gone a few weeks now with no tears. Last week I was able to sub 4 times in her school (for the same class!). She loved getting to go in with me, but it made for a rougher morning today. She didn't cry, but she really wanted me to go to school with her again. I don't have opportunities to sub every day and I didn't get a call this morning. She sat in the back seat and sighed (obnoxiously) all the way to school. *eyeroll*

I can't believe that Wednesday is the first day of October! Where did this year go?


April said...

Love all her spirit outfits! She is so cute! My Mom used to sub sometimes and then eventually worked full-time as the cafeteria manager when I was in grade school. I always loved knowing my Mom was at school with me. Glad you get to do that sometimes and maybe it will lead to a more steady position, if you want it. :)

Russ Earl said...

Love that cutie pie!

Cheryl said...

My kids always loved the school dress up days! Chloe looks really cute in all of her outfits!

Chelley N said...

Heehee . . . I can just hear her sighing at you :-)