Monday, July 23, 2012

I yiked the tuwtels.

Hi Ya'll!

It has been insanely busy around this here casa the last couple of weeks. Ever since moving to Oklahoma, my social calendar has exploded. I have had neither the energy or the gumption to post lately.

The temperatures around here have been insane. Last week it was up to 112. I was excited when it got down to 103! 112 is just entirely too hot. If I was water (which I am mostly) I would only need another 100 degrees before starting to boil! I am thankful for air conditioning. I have no idea how the pioneers stood it!


Today Chloe Jo and I went with a friend to the Oklahoma Aquarium. I've been itching to take Chloe Jo to an aquarium since her second birthday (when we had planned to take her to the aquarium in Charleston, SC and that did not work out) so I was very excited to get to go!

We had a terrific time seeing all of the fish and sea life!

There were several exhibits that you could touch. I actually touched a starfish. Yes, you should be impressed. I don't normally care to touch. Chloe Jo was very proud of herself because she touched...wait for it....drumroll please...THE WATER! HA!
 My favorite animals were definitely the seahorses. Adorable! And I didn't get a picture. I'm a slacker.
 I also thought the starfish and the lionfish were neat.
 Chloe Jo's favorite animals were the turtles (hence the title of this post).
 CJ was very uninterested in taking pictures so this is the best I could get. Some days are just not meant for picture taking.
 And then we couldn't pass up a photo op with this metal (!) crocodile. Yeah, I think I burnt my buns for this one. I guess I'll never learn...

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Lauren said...

Looks like a great time :-)