Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Happenings

-We had a lectureship at the church I attend this week. Chloe Jo was good every night except for the last one. She cried during the whole second lesson! Ugh. It was horrible. We don't have a children's church or anything so I've been trying to train her to be quiet during the lessons and she does really well for the most part. Sometimes she gets rowdy and I have to take her to the nursery, but she really is doing well. My goal is for her to be able to sit quietly through the whole service by age 2 so we are doing really good! And yes, I know I probably expect too much from a baby!

-None of my items have sold on Etsy. I'm a little disappointed about that, but not surprised I guess. I wouldn't buy hair bows online normally so I don't know why I thought other people would. Actually I do know why. My friend bought a couple online so I thought maybe others really would. Nope. At least not mine. But, that's okay because I am going to try to sell them in a store here. I think they might sell better if people can touch them and maybe buy them as a treat for their little ones. I'm excited about it. I'm going to go by a store today that is like the one I am going to participate in and make sure it is definitely something I want to do. I'm excited about trying this! Hopefully I'll be able to make some money with it!

-I have walked 10 miles so far this week and am going to go for a walk as soon as I get this post done. I am on day 19 of The Shred and am feeling good about everything this week. I've been really watching what I eat and am hoping for good results on Monday. I did take some of the advice from my last Shred post and took my measurements so if I gain again, I can at least measure and see if anything is happening. I know my endurance has improved a lot since I started The Shred!

-Russell and I are going on a date tomorrow evening....without Chloe Jo! We haven't been on a date since before she was born. I know that most of you think that is horrible, but it does not bother us. I want to be with my baby and since she is a good napper/sleeper, we get alone time together. Grampy and G-Jo are going to watch her for us while we go to Red Lobster (my favorite!). Yum!

-Russell let me order a pair of tennis shoes from Curves for Mother's Day. They are like the Skechers Shape Ups, but half the price. Hopefully I will like them!

-I think it is going to rain so I better get to my walk before I lose my chance! Hopefully it will hold off until Chloe Jo and I get back!


elephantscanremember said...

If I had a little girl, I'd buy some of those darling bows! They are adorable!

Congratulations on working out! You're doing well with sticking to it. Enjoy the shoes! If my dog hadn't chewed one of mine up, I'd wear them more often. ;)

Chelley N said...

Yay for date night!!!

Christina said...

Have fun on your date night! Josh and I still haven't been out on a date since my parents don't seem to know anything about babies!