Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"The buck stops here"

Well, I'm a am now an official blogger. I was really getting tired of Myspace since everytime I logged on it wanted me to download something new to use it. Grrr! And I never really got into facebook so I'm happy to become a citizen of Blogspot and I hope this relationship is better than the last two.

I always have a difficult time deciding what I want my first blog to be about. I love blogging, but the first one has to be memorable so people will want to come back. So, I have decided to post the greatest piece of advice I have ever recieved.

"Then do it."

My Granny Tiger told me this a couple of years ago. It was like a total epiphany to me. She's right! I needed to stop complaining and making excuses and just do whatever it took to change whatever I was complaining and making excuses about. At that particular time, I was saying how I hated my weight. Well, I took her advice and am now over 40 pounds lighter, have tons more energy, and I am happier all around. Then I started thinking about other areas of my life I needed to have that philosophy in. Well, I didn't study my Bible as much as I should, so I started taking classes at a school and have grown by leaps and bounds! I have finally realized how much I can do for myself. I try not to make silly excuses and I try to always own up to all of my actions. I still sometimes have a hard time with some of this, but I am actively trying to change aspects of myself that I don't like. So, no more excuses, no more complaining about things I can change, and no more passing the buck. As Harry Truman said "The buck stops here."


Chelley N said...

Hooray, hooray! Welcome to Blogland Earl Gearl!

Chris said...

this blogging madness has got to stop! When am i going to find time to read everyone's blog?